Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Latest in Auto Safety Technology;

Automotive safety is a strong concern for almost every automobile manufacturer, and each year automakers come out with several new safety features on their latest vehicles. Vehicle models in recent years that can be found at a Greensboro bad credit car lot or Cincinnati used cars lots have had several of the latest safety features included that are quite impressive and have shown to reduce both accident severity and number of accident occurrences.

Automakers have every incentive to put substantial resources toward making their cars safer, as consumer protection and reporting agencies very closely monitor the safety of all vehicles, and a reputation for being an unsafe automaker is a difficult one to break. Therefore, the latest safety features are very technologically advanced.

Some of the latest safety features include: collision warning systems, automatic 911 notification after an accident, braking assist technology, blind spot warning systems, car proximity detection, and several other features.

For example, the 2009 BMW 5 Series features a radar collision warning system that is activated once it detects that the vehicle is moving too quickly toward another vehicle. The system announces a warning and prepares the brakes for fast emergency braking.

Another advanced feature in the 2009 BMW 5 Series is Active Cruise Control. This system detects when traffic is slowing down and speeding up. As traffic slows, the system helps the driver apply brakes, and as traffic speed up the system assists the driving in acceleration.

Several other models now feature a similar type of collision warning and preparation system. The 2010 Lexus LS 460 features a similar system, but it also tightens seatbelts to help with injury reduction. It also has a pre-collision monitor that features an infrared camera that monitors the driver. If it detects that the driver is looking away from the road as the car is approaching an object, it will alert the driver with an audible warning to give the driver time to brake or avoid the object.

With these advanced safety features and improved driver safety training, vehicle safety will continue to improve and driving accidents and deaths will be reduced.

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